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All Flowers/Colors

The Portland Wholesale Florist website allows you to search for wholesale flowers in several ways. If you have colors in mind but are unsure of the types of flowers you want, start searching using the ‘Colors’ box in the left column.  If you know specific types of flowers you would like to order go straight to ‘All Flowers’. This will take you to a page listing the types of flowers available for order on the website.

If you are interested in a flower, plant or floral supply item not listed please email us under ‘Contact Us’ to see if that flower is available.

Once you click on the type of flower you have the option of picking the color. Although many of the flowers on the website offer a photo and the named variety, color matching will be approximate. Some flowers, such as roses, also give you the option of choosing a stem length.

Stem length is measured in centimeters, not inches. For clarification see the ‘Length Conversion Chart’ in the left column. The longer a rose stem, the larger the head of the flower tends to be. If you have any questions regarding the size of a flower head and the length of a stem you might need for your event, send us an email via ‘Contact Us.”

Rose Petals

In addition to purchasing bunches of flowers you can also purchase rose petals. This is a convenient and affordable option for brides and other DIY designers who want to add the softness and fragrance of rose petals to a wedding or event but want to spare the expense of buying the whole rose. Under ‘Rose Petals’ choose the color or combination of colors you want to order, as well as the amount. Rose petals can soften and shrivel quickly because they are no longer attached to a stem in water, so keeping them in a sealed container in a refrigerator or cooler until your event is very important.

DIY Combos

The ‘DIY Combos’ section is an amazing resource for the indecisive bride, or the DIY designer that needs a little inspiration. Peruse the various photos of bridal bouquets and below them are packages of all the flowers and floral products that you will need to recreate the arrangement.

For example, by selecting the package with the bridal bouquet featuring red roses, mauve calla lilies, tree fern and lily grass you will be purchasing a bunch of each of those products, along with ribbon and other products needed to recreate the image. Please note: you will be purchasing entire bunches of these flowers, not just the seven stems of roses and five stems of callas shown in the photo. The ‘DIY Combos’ section allows you to make all your purchases in one stop. If you find the bridal bouquet of your dreams just select that bridal package and your purchases are done!

This section is also very helpful for DIY designers who may need a little inspiration when deciding on combinations for their event. If you like the color and variety combination in the photo, but want to make a few centerpieces instead of a bridal bouquet, just select the desired package and create your own bouquets once you get the flowers home.

Bulk Flowers/Bulk Roses

If you know that you’ll need a quantity of a single type of flower, see ‘Bulk Flowers’ for reduced prices of these flowers. Savings of 5% to 20% are available by ordering in quantity over the prices listed in our ‘All Flowers section.’

Also, there is a ‘Bulk Roses’ section for the DIY designer that will need several bunches of roses. Please note: these deals are for the same color and variety of flowers. The reduced prices do not apply to multiple bunches of flowers of different colors or stem lengths. The exception to this rule is in the ‘Bulk Roses’ in which you can choose an assortment of colors of roses, all in the same stem length. See ‘Bulk Roses’ for details.


In addition to bunch flowers you can also shop online for florist tools such as rose strippers, florist knives and floral foam. If you are unsure what tools you will need for your event select the ‘Contact Us’ button and send us an email. This is also a handy resource if you have any questions about the seasonal availability of a variety of flowers, how long a flower lasts or if you are interested in flowers not shown on the website.

Ask the Experts!

If you are unsure of how many flower bunches you will need, the best colors of the season or just how to get started, you can schedule a consultation with one of the designers at Broadway Floral. Just select ‘Ask the Experts.’

For a fee you can sit down and discuss your ordering needs with an expert in the field. The designer can guide you through choosing the best flowers for the season, ordering the correct number of bunches for your event, conditioning of your flowers once you get them home and how to get your flowers to open and last through your event date. This is a wonderful resource for a new DIY designer who is unsure of how to begin.

The Broadway Floral designer is a great resource and can help you succeed in your flower designing endeavors.


A business is only successful by providing high quality products and services to its customers. If you are interested in what previous customers have thought of our services please take a look at the ‘Testimonials’ section.

And if you are a returning customer who would like to share your previous experiences in purchasing from Portland Wholesale Florist, please add your testimonial to our site. We welcome all feedback, both in commendation and critique, so that we can work to provide a more convenient and satisfying flower buying experience for you.


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