Getting your flowers

Pickup at the retail partner

The partner location and pickup hours are below. We ask that you be prompt and pick up your flowers on the day requested and during the hours listed.

Broadway Floral Home & Garden
1638 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

Wholesale Order Pickup hours:

  • Monday thru Friday: 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 4pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED
You *SHOULD NOT* make any other stops after picking up your flowers, especially if the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Flowers will not do well left in a hot car for even a few minutes.


Delivery to your location

We will deliver your flowers between 11am and 3pm unless other arrangements have been made. Someone **must** be at the delivery location to receive the flowers. Under no circumstances will flowers be left if no one is available to accept them.


Be prepared!

If you opted out of us providing buckets please bring sufficent **CLEAN** buckets in when picking up or have them available when the flower delivery is made. Buckets need to be either be the 5 gallon size or the 2 gallon size if your order included shorter stem flowers such as ranunculus, anemones, tulips or freesia.

Cut flowers do better in clean buckets, not some dirty old yard bucket. The retail partner staff is not able to clean dirty buckets so please wash them first. You can always purchase new, clean buckets from the retail partner location in both the 5 gallon and 2 gallon sizes.

If you ordered bulk flowers (by the box) they will not be in water so you'll need to have sufficient buckets on hand when time to process and hydrate them. Again, you can always purchase new, clean buckets from the retail partner location.


Basic Flower Processing and Hydration

  1. Once the flowers arrive at the destination, you immediately need to begin the processing and hydration. Do not delay!  

  2. Fill your containers with enough tepid water (about 105 degrees Fahrenheit) so that 2/3 of the stem will be in water. It is highly recommended that you use a commercial flower food per package instruction. Floralife flower food is available for purchase.  

  3. Remove all wrap and packaging from your flowers. Carefully remove any foliage that would be below the water line. Try not to nick or damage the stem when doing this - water will not go beyond a deep nick or gash in the stem and the flower will not hydrate properly.  

  4. Using a clean, sharp knife (**NOT CLIPPERS**) give each stem a fresh diagonal cut and put immediately in water. Floral knives are also available for purchase when you pick up your flowers.  

  5. Your flowers should be placed somewhere cool and dark for a minimum of 2 hours to hydrate before you design with them. Once hydrated, they can be brought out and placed somewhere warm and bright (but never in direct sun or drafty locations!) so they can start blooming. Evaluate periodically and those that have bloomed enough should be placed somewhere cool and dark to retard further opening until you're ready to create your bouquets or arrangements.


Detailed instructions, care for specific types of flowers along with Tips and Techniques can be found in the FAQ section on our website. For any other questions please call us at (503) 445-2967

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