Considerations when choosing flowers for your wedding or event

Choosing flowers for your event can be exciting and overwhelming.

Take a minute to consider the list of following questions before you order flowers. Remember all flowers on this website are sold by the bunch. Please note the numbers of stems vary per bunch.  If you need less than a full bunch, consider purchasing from our retail partner, Broadway Floral when picking up your wholesale order.

  • What is the color palette for your wedding or event?

To have maximum impact for your event, you may want to select a few (3-4) colors and use an assortment of flowers for texture and shape.

  • Is there a specific flower or flowers you'd like for your wedding or event?

There are many types of flowers to choose from. Not sure which flowers to choose? Search by Colors on the left hand side of the page to see names and photos of each flower. If you know the names of flowers you are looking for, you can search under “All Flowers” to select by name.

  • How many arrangements are you creating?

How many stems and of what flower types will you be using? Consider bridal bouquet, number of bridesmaids, centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, site decorations. Make a list of approximate number of stems of each flower type in every arrangement. We recommend that you add an additional 10% of each kind of flower to your order. This assures you have a few extra incase you need them. Still not sure? Request a 30 or 60 minute phone consultation with the experts!

  • How will I know the seasonal availability of flowers?

Portland Wholesale Florist has growers around the world so most flowers are available year round.  Others however, are very seasonal, so plan accordingly.  You can always use the Contact Us form to inquiry about availability and price. 

Under each flower name, seasonal availability, grade and number of stems per bunch are listed. Please note that flowers usuallly come in bunches of 5, 10, 20 or 25 but there are exceptions.

  • What is your budget?

Wholesale flowers are a perfect way to save money for your event. Bunch prices are listed by each product.

  • Will you need greenery to help fill out your arrangements?

Professional floral designers use greenery to begin or fill designs. Depending on your designs, you may need several bunches of greenery. No sure what kind you need? Ask the experts for a suggestion!