Rose Petals

Rose petals are an excellent way to add splashes of color to any event, not to mention the convenient and affordable option for brides and other DIY designers. 


You can sprinkle them on tables, layer them around a cake, line the wedding aisle or simply have a flower girl carry them.

Rose Petals are sold by the gallon or half-gallon and come in a variety colors.  You can choose one solid color or a mix of up to three colors.

How do you know how many petals to order?  Depending on what you are using the petals for, you may want to consider the following guidelines for ordering:


By the Gallon

  • sprinkling of 10-12 tables or both sides of a 10 ft aisle, scattered lightly
  • perfect for medium or large weddings or weddings that want a very lush look

By the Half-Gallon

  • flower girl baskets or a cake table
  • perfect for small touches of petals

Still not sure how many rose petals you need?   Ask the Experts for a suggestion!

The most common colors of rose petals that customers ask for are:
Red, yellow, white and pink with an occasional request of orange.

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